Leadership, Integrity and Ethics in the Workplace

Length of Course:1 or 2 day(s)

Other titles utilized for this leadership training: “Building Better Employees”

Instructor: James W. Dodson

Course Description:

“Integrity-Centered Leadership” is defined as the essential quality of building trust within an organization and the responsibility of all members to reflect that image by “doing the right thing, the right way and for the right reason.” It has often been said that, “everything rises and falls upon leadership.” To meet the demands placed upon organizations today, leadership should be developed at all levels of the organization and all employees should be encouraged to act as leaders.

The leadership challenge of developing excellence in yourself and others is built upon a well established truth, “You can not lead others until you can lead yourself.” Much of the leadership training today is geared more toward ability and proficiency in one’s profession and often ignores the benefits of developing sound personal leadership principles in our personnel. Our leadership training will serve as a foundation on which to build cohesiveness within your organization structure and enhance all other professional development. This course focuses on proven principles and offers a blueprint that will greatly impact and influence any new, current or future leader that true leadership excellence is doing the right thing, setting the right example, serving as a positive role model and making a difference in other people’s lives.

“Integrity-Centered Leadership” is about sound human resource development that highlights the difference in an average organization or one that provides the “winning edge” in employee, staff and organizational development.

Course Objective:

The sound leadership principles and skills taught in this training will provide employees at all levels of an organization with a foundation that will allow them to immediately transfer these principles and skills to real-life challenges that they will encounter in both their personal and professional lives. The training promotes self-control, personal growth, career development, professionalism and high standards of conduct.

Course Topics:

Personal Leadership, Integrity, Ethics, Dealing with Change, and Attitude,

Personal Leadership:

Becoming a proper influence, are you the CEO of You, Inc., a commitment to excellence, the value of job knowledge, developing great people skills and positive relationships, the importance of a professional presence, personal responsibility, the mediocre employee, patience, the power of confidence, the value of teamwork.


A way of life or lip service, integrity vs. image, knowing where the line is, politically correct is not always correct, bad company corrupts good character, profile of a lie, dealing with workplace misconduct, what accountability and liability really mean, physical bravery vs. moral bravery, admitting mistakes and avoiding cover-ups, the old culture vs. the new culture, a mistake, misconduct or out right criminal conduct, honesty and the boomerang syndrome, why the truth will always come out, character, courage, honor and duty.


Integrity vs. ethics, why situational ethics fail, purpose of code of ethics, personal ethics vs. professional ethics, freedom to do the job.

Dealing with Change:

It will come and how to deal with it, why it challenges us, avoiding self-sabotage, why change equals growth, the challenge of thinking.


Why it will be your best friend or worst enemy, good or bad, it stands out, who’s responsible for it, the jack syndrome, attitude vs. aptitude, is the grass really greener, training for failure, revealing your hidden assets, the challenge of thinking.


Other training topics available…Setting Priorities, Vision, Problem Solving, Self-discipline, and Wellness

Who Should Attend? CEO’s, Department Heads, Division Directors/Managers, Unit/Line Supervisors and employees at all levels.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Provides professionals at all levels of the organization with a personal leadership structure that promotes leadership from the inside out.
  • Provides personnel with the “winning edge” in personal and career survival by equipping them with sound leadership principles to successfully navigate the “occupational landmines” in both their personal and professional lives.
  • A great jump-starting course for those dedicated professionals who may have lost their vision and/or are experiencing symptoms of disillusionment, frustration, burnout and who may be struggling to continue in their current career.
  • A tremendous aid to administrators attempting to reset the organizational leadership picture or culture.
  • Develops personal leadership skills of employees while allowing management to adopt a very proactive approach to human resource development and the prevention of employee misconduct.