Integrity, Ethics and Leadership in the Workplace

Length of Course:1 day

Instructor: James W. Dodson

Course also known as: “Building Better Employees”

Course Description:

One of the greatest training needs currently facing all levels of government and corporate America is the need for sound and effective personal leadership training that focuses on the three key points, integrity, ethics and leadership.

Scandals have occurred in all segments of our society from the smallest entity to Fortune 500 companies. These scandalous acts usually lead to personal and professional derailment and often generate intense media attention that not only negatively impacts the employee, but family members, organizations, and the public’s trust. These alarming and unacceptable acts give tremendous merit to the need for this course “Integrity, Ethics and Leadership in the Workplace.” The course is not a “touchy-feel good” course, but rather a powerful one-day training seminar that gets right to the heart of real issues faced in the workplace on a daily basis and throughout a career. “Integrity, Ethics and Leadership in the Workplace” is about sound human resource development that provides the “winning edge” in employee, staff and organizational development. The program delivers a comprehensive and big picture approach to “doing the right thing, the right way for the right reason.”

Those attending will find the training to be personally rewarding and professionally developing.

Course Objective:

To provide employees at all levels of the workforce with sound personal leadership principles and skills that will assist them in “doing the right thing, the right way and for the right reason, that will provide them with essential career survival skills to successfully navigate the “occupational minefields” in both their personal and professional lives.

Course Topics:


A way of life or lip service, integrity vs. image, demonstrating what it looks like, the great struggle, knowing where the line is, politically correct is not always correct, bad company corrupts good character, integrity does not have an on/off button or pause button, avoiding an integrity deficit, profile of a lie, policing the workplace and dealing with workplace misconduct, what accountability and liability really mean, physical bravery vs. moral bravery, admitting mistakes and avoiding cover-ups, reporting acts of misconduct, the old culture vs. the new culture, the temptation of greed and power, a mistake or outright criminal conduct,dis-honesty and the boomerang syndrome, why the truth will always come out, character, courage, honor and duty.


Integrity vs. ethics, why situational ethics fail, purpose of a code of ethics, the end justify the means theory, dealing with grey areas, personal ethics vs. professional ethics, how to avoid unethical breakdowns and much more.


What leadership is, value of being a proper influence, are you the CEO of You, Inc., a commitment to excellence or neurotic perfection, relationship marketing, the value of job knowledge, dealing with mediocrity, developing great people skills and positive relationships, the importance of a professional presence, personal responsibility, the mediocre employee, manager vs. leader, people builder or people pleaser effective communications, outstanding customer service, dealing with difficult people, self-discipline, patience, the power of confidence, the value of teamwork, dealing with change and the value of a positive attitude.

Who Should Attend?

CEO’s, Department heads, Division Directors/Managers, Unit/Line Supervisors, and employees at all levels.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Provides professionals at all levels of the organization with a personal leadership structure that promotes leadership from the inside out.
  • Promotes and influences doing the “right thing.”
  • Provides personnel with the “winning edge: in personal and career survival by equipping them with sound leadership principles to successfully navigate the “occupational landmines” in both their personal and professional lives.
  • A great jump-starting course for those dedicated employees who may have lost their vision and/or experiencing symptoms of disillusionment, frustration, burnout and who may be struggling to continue in a career.
  • A tremendous aid to administrators attempting to reset the organizational leadership picture or culture.
  • Develops personal leadership skills of employees while allowing management to adopt a very proactive approach to human resource development and the prevention of employee misconduct.