Team Building

If your department is considering a “day away” to reward a leadership team for a very successful year, an outstanding event, or you want to schedule a no nonsense retreat for the purpose of getting down and identifying and/or resolving a personnel, staff or organization issue, our facilitator can assist you. We will utilize our many years of experience and highly-principled leadership, integrity and ethics training to lead your group through a very a structured and motivating process which will enable them to reach their goal. We can assist you in some of the following:

  • Building unity within a fragmented leadership team,
  • Problem solving and better decision making,
  • Improving the leadership teams and/or organization communication,
  • Developing a mission and value statement,
  • Personal and professional development,
  • Dealing with change,
  • Setting priorities,
  • Resolving conflicts and territorial issues, or
  • Increasing overall leadership and organizational efficiency.