Commander Roland Silva, Palm Beach County Florida Sheriff’s Office “ I liked the courses inspirational qualities.  The instructor candor and willingness to discuss even sensitive issues like racism. The course encourages those that have been trying their best to “do the right thing, for the right reasons,” and in some cases, serves as a stark reminder/warning to those who have lost their focus, without knowing it.”

Superintendent Sandra Thacker, Peumansend Creek Regional Jail,  Bowling Green, Virginia “The humor that was injected into some very serious subjects. What people think are complex issues—put into perspective.  I have not been this excited about training since the 1980’s. The content is useful to all levels of the organization.”

Thomas Fraser, FTO Avondale, Arizona Police Department “Jim is a phenomenal public speaker.  Always keeping things on point and interesting.  Great refresher on ethics. I found this course to be one of the most interesting and intellectually challenging I have been to in a long time.”

Deputy Manager S J Kelley, Texas Department of Public Safety  “I like Jim’s personality and knowledge which made the class an outstanding training experience.

Lt Jessie Williams, New Mexico State Police   “The presentation style was engaging and thought provoking.  Life and career experiences shared were excellent.  Great course; thank you for being so passionate about integrity in policing.”

Lt Arrend  Hoopes,  Spotsvylvania, Virginia Sheriff’s Office “The “heart” that the instructor put into the class.”

Captain Mike Louth, Chesterfield County Virginia Police Department “Real life stories, applications and knowledge.  Best class I have attended in many years on such an important topic.  Great for sharpening one’s own saw.”

Sgt Joe Rouget, Tempe, AZ Police Department “I left with a stronger understanding  of integrity.  Reminded me that I need to self-assess and look at myself to keep improving.”

Lt. Keith Elder Sandoval County New Mexico Sheriff’s Office “I liked Jim’s presentation style the best.  He put on an excellent seminar that would benefit all levels of police officers.”

Chief of Police Franklin Allen, Jonesboro, Georgia Police Department “Addressed issues of ethics and integrity and presented timely and accurate information.  Great topic for training all levels of officers and command.”

Captain Richard Rand, North Miami Beach Police Department “This seminar reminded me why I became a police officer.”

Sgt Brian C Miller, Broward Sheriff’s Office “The instructor was one of the best teachers I have had while at the BSO in 27 years.”

Sgt. Robert Dorn, Arizona Department of Liquor “Very nice job.  Thirty two years on the job and best class of all.  Very refreshing. “

Officer Michael Tyler, Allen Texas Police Department (Retired U.S. Navy) “I liked the experience and knowledge of the instructor. I have been instructing and developing training curriculum since 1989 in the U.S. Navy. This includes instruction in the Naval Technical/Leadership Management schools. Commander Dodson is one of the finest instructors I have every witnessed. The topic could have been dry/non-interesting but he used his extensive knowledge and experience to illustrate his objectives and keep the topic interesting.

Manager Joseph S. Profiri, Arizona Department of Corrections “I liked the fact that you have lived and experienced what you teach. Your passion to certain subjects touched your heart and reached out and touched mine.”

EMS Chief, Westfield, Indiana Fire Department “I liked the personal touch of the soul. I have waited to attend one of these classes and this has been the best soul searching class I’ve ever attended. Great Job!”

Firefighter/EMT Rob Gaylor, Westfield, Indiana Fire Department “I like the realism. You put your heart and soul into what you do. You have opened my eyes. Make it a requirement for all members of this organization.”

Sgt. Amanda Chandler, Clay County Florida Sheriff’s Office “Mr. Dodson was able to get his message across, giving examples of real life experiences. He shared the good and not so good experiences he has had throughout his career. His message was clear and understood. I have gained very valuable information that I too can apply to my work and personal life. Great course!”

Sgt. Robert V. Kostick, Coral Springs Florida Police Department “ I liked the entire presentation by Mr. Dodson. His personality and real life experiences. He never gets boring or dry as some instructors do. It was outstanding.”

Deputy Jesus Jordan, Broward Sheriff’s Office, Fort Lauderdale, Florida “ Mr. Dodson brought out the leader in me.”

Sgt. Michael Tranchant, Palm Beach Florida Sheriff’s Office “Kept things interesting, very very good instructor. James Dodson was one of the better instructors in leadership classes that I have taken.”

Sgt. Cindy Buchman, Houston County Jail, Dothan, Alabama “Jim Dodson is a truly motivational speaker who has inspired me to try harder to be better.”

Corporal Glen Goodier, UT Arlington University Police Department “I liked the excitement and energy level of the speaker and the class participation and discussions.”

Chief Jeffrey L. Dine, Speedway Indiana Police Department “The entire course was interesting and informative and would be beneficial to any police organization. The seminar should be required for all employees.”

Commander James E. Walton, Gary Indiana Police Department “This is a very good seminar. It brings out the pitfalls of police work you might face and what decisions need to be made. I liked the instructors presentation, knowledge and attitude and the openness about the negative aspects of the code of silence, etc.”

Lt. Buck Waddell, Brownsburg Indiana Fire Territory “Thanks Mr. Dodson! I really feel that I can take what I’ve heard and make myself a better husband, father and leader on the Fire Department.”

Lt. L.T. Pratt Pima County Arizona Sheriff’s Department “I liked the evaluations of myself, to make me better will allow me to influence those I work with and most importantly those I live with. Good use of life experiences to drive home ideas and concepts”.

Officer Vernon Havens, Arizona DPS “Great class! I liked that it related to real life experiences. Great reminders and tools to not only better my career and leadership, but primarily my personal and family life.”

Joe Washington, Community Liaison, Austin Texas Police Department “ Best seminar I’ve ever attended…an intoxicating persuasive presentation on “Doing the Right Thing.”

Captain Ron Stewart, Tomball Texas Police Department “Reinspired me. After 33 years you have reminded me why I chose to be a cop”.

Detective Ron Bayne, Scottsdale, Arizona Police Department “ I liked the motivating presenter and love the way Mr. Dodson uses his life experiences, good and bad to motivate others. I plan to use this training and workbook as a career resource for leading others when I become a supervisor. From another professional law enforcement instructor, this has been one of the best instructors and courses that I have attended.”

Sgt. David Gage, Abilene Texas Police Department “Out of 22 years of police work, this is the best class I have attended. I have been a supervisor for 10 years and I wish I had been able to attend a class like this when I was first promoted. Your stories, examples and presentation are 100% in line with reality. All new supervisors and all police officers in general should attend your class. Thank you! You have inspired me, not only in my work, but in my personal life.”

Lt. Chuck Poe, Las Cruces, New Mexico Police Department “Overall the class was excellent and I would like for you to come back to give this class to the entire Las Cruces Police Department. Every modern day police officer needs this instruction. Jim is a very dynamic speaker.”

Special Agent Wendell Campbell, DEA Houston, Texas Training Division “Outstanding course on personal and professional development. Good use of visual aids and real life examples. The topics of Personal Leadership, Priorities, Integrity and Ethics were the most beneficial to me.”

Sgt. Danny Chavez, San Benito, Texas Police Department “ Mr. Dodson, I ain’t much of a “classroom” or “stay for a long time” kind of person, but you kept my attention the whole time through the day. That should tell you a whole lot. Your preparedness and presentation was excellent. I learned a lot about myself and some things that I will change in my life, thanks to you and all of the positive thinking.”

Sgt. Juan Moreno, Las Cruces, New Mexico Police Department “Excellent! What I liked best was the speaking ability of Jim Dodson and his ability to tie in the principles he spoke of with real experiences give me the attitude–if he could do it, I can too.”

Sgt. David Lay, La Porte, Texas Police Department “I liked Mr. Dodson’s personality and ability to teach a serious topic in an enjoyable manner. This is an outstanding course that I highly recommend to others. Not only will it reduce the quantity of law suits, but it will increase your appreciation of law enforcement as an occupation.”

Brian T. Cassidy, Sgt. (Patrol) Harris County, Texas Sheriff’s Department “Truly one of the best and most informative classes that I have taken in 19 years of law enforcement.”

William R Kingsbury, Commander Brownsville, Texas Police Department “Excellent course. Jim spoke from the heart and not a text. He has changed my attitude with his teachings. Truly an enlightening speaker. Best time spent at training.”

Lupita Valdez, Sgt. (CID) Alamo, Texas Police Department “Excellent Course! I liked the life stories to help understand what was taught. It’s like a performance with Mr. Dodson. If his goal was to teach me, goal met!”

Fred Bradley, Sgt (CID) Plainview, Texas Police Department “The program was very eye opening after 21 years as a police officer.”

Lena Golden, Telecommunications Supervisor Missouri City, Texas Police Department “Excellent! Mr. Dodson’s personal “life encounters” both good and bad, adds everything to this course. His honesty shines through.”

Roy Jackson, Mayor City of Arcola, Texas “No one will sleep with Jim Dodson speaking. He is an outstanding motivator, entertainer, user of aids and attention getter.”

Bob Long, City Administrator City of Wake Village, Texas “Excellent! It made me look at myself and understand I need to improve in several areas to help those around me improve.”

Cynthia Segovia Spradlin, Billing & Collection Chief Clerk City of Sweetwater, Texas “Like Coke, you were “The Real Thing.”

Cyndi Tyree, Customer Service Supervisor Texarkana Water Utilities “I liked the integrity and attitude sections and the instructor’s personal knowledge and experience best. He hits the nail on the head with every subject. I enjoyed this seminar more than any other that I have ever attended.”

Jason Brewer, Public Works Foreman City of White Oak, Texas “Excellent course! I liked the personal comments from the instructor and he had a good sense of humor.”

Harold D. Moore Lt. City of Longview, Texas Fire Department “Very good speaker, knows how to keep everyone’s attention and the program is well prepared. I liked the professionalism of the instructor. I think all supervisors and department heads should attend this seminar.”

Rhoda Herd, Outreach Services Manager City of Laredo, Texas Library “The very best speaker that I have heard in 5 years. High energy, physical demonstrations and quick responses lead to my complete attention.”

Marcus A. Young, Patrol Sgt. City of Sulphur Springs, Texas “Dodson’s life experiences make him very credible, when he speaks. He is passionate about what he teaches and is very entertaining. I like the way the course causes one to look at oneself rather than constantly evaluating every one else.”

Trooper Ricky Cotto, Texas DPS “I liked Mr. Dodson’s experience and dynamic presentation of the course. This course far exceeded my expectations. Probably the most dynamic leadership speaker I’ve heard.”

Lt. Dennis Ribeiro, Metro Police Department (Houston, Texas) “Commander Dodson addresses one of the pinnacle issues of today’s Law Enforcement profession. Every Law Enforcement Officer needs this training.”

Lt. Steve Dorris, Baytown Police Department “Experience based lesson on leadership. Great class! Jim’s experiences are very valuable as they are similar to challenges currently faced today.”

Sgt. John Benavidez, Texas Department of Public Safety “I enjoyed how Mr. Dodson integrated his life and career experiences into the class presentation. Very informative, enjoyable, educational and “real”.”