Welcome to Dodson Training Resources. We are a well-established Texas-based training and speaking company that specializes in providing professional and quality principle-based leadership, integrity and ethics training to public safety and criminal justice agencies; employees of municipal, county, state and federal organizations and Corporate America.

Our impactive presentations are based upon 27 years of experience in the workforce, with 17 years being spent in high profile management positions and 15 years actually training on a national level. Our training is about sound human resource development that highlights the difference in an average organization or one that provides the “winning edge” in employee, staff and organizational development.

Your employees will find our training to be challenging and some of the most personally rewarding and professional developing that they will ever attend.

I encourage you to take a good look at the training that we provide and if you determine that we can be of any assistance to you in meeting any of your training and/or development needs, whether they be for in-house (in-service) or at conferences or retreats or just a day-away for team building for a leadership team, please contact us.


Jim Dodson has to be one of the most well versed instructors in life lessons I have ever had the privilege to hear.